Diocese of Lafayette
1408 Carmel Drive
Lafayette, LA 70501
Office of Justice and Peace

Mission Statement

The Office of Justice and Peace strives to fulfill the principles of Social Justice by integrating the full body of Catholic Social teaching, so that it may be lived out daily as an essential element of our faith.  The Office also assists with the physical and emotional needs of those afflicted as the result of a natural disaster.

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Empowerment of the people is a vital part of all Justice and Peace Programs.

"Our faith calls us
to work for justice;
to serve those in need;
  to pursue peace; and
to defend the life, dignity, & rights
of all our sisters and brothers.
This is the call of JESUS,
the challenge of the prophets,
  and the living tradition
  of the Church."
            ~ U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

Ministries of the Office of Justice and Peace

Diocesan Campaign Against Poverty

Catholic Campaign for Human Development

Catholic Relief Services:
Operation Rice Bowl | Global Fellows

 Pastoral Care of the Elderly

Long Term Disaster Recovery

Faithful Citizenship:  
Political Responsibility

Prison Ministry 
Prevention of Violence
Service to the Survivors of Violence

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